I am an artist/mother/birthkeeper living and working out of my home in Providence, Rhode Island. I married John in 2010, gave birth to our small son, Gideon in 2012 in Portland, OR. We picked up and moved across the country the next year to experience a new city. Page was born in 2014. Esther joined the party in 2016. Motherhood is the most profound adventure I could have ever imagined.

I currently dedicate my days and nights to taking care of my kids and attending births, among various other passion projects. I have mentored with Families First RI, am a member and president of Doulas of Rhode Island and co-founder of RI Birth Talk, a free support circle for expecting and postpartum families. I have a strong affection for the handmade and can often be found cooking up lotions, soaps, and candles among other household products.

My passion for the birthing process began after my own pregnancies and deliveries. Gideon has taught me endurance and patience, since the day he was born. Page was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when I was 19 weeks pregnant. She is by all definitions a miracle baby and is a gift to everyone who knows her. From conception, Esther has always surprised us.

These experiences inspired me to serve women in their full transition to motherhood. I want to give women and their partners the support they need to make informed decisions, with compassion and respect.