This is a time for us to meet in person, discuss my services and what you are looking for in a doula. There is no charge for this.

GROUP Prenatal Visits

Much like the Centering Model of Care for Pregnancy or Parenting, I am excited to offer group prenatal meetings twice a month with my two doula partners and their personal clients. Allowing for shared experiences, anxieties and questions to be addressed and discussed in a group setting creates a more normalized and mindful experience of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Group prenatal circles allow for sharing of evidence based care, support and encouragement by group members and doula leaders. These sessions are attended by only our personal doula clients, and there will be a time to meet one on one privately as needed.

Group is held twice per month, alternating week day evening and weekend morning or afternoon.

Our meetings offer:
-Creating a birth preferences, and evidence based care information on each option.
-Relaxation techniques, comfort measures, mindfulness, working with your partner and acupressure for labor.
-Preparing for postpartum life and newborn care.

You and your partner are able to attend as many group prenatal visits as you’d like. This is a great way for families to build community and support for their birth and parenting choices and for us to be able to spend more time with you and your partner (and for you to meet our backup doulas) than the traditional two prenatal meetings utilized in most individual doula practices.

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

I want to stay up to speed with your prenatal visits and be available to you 24/7 leading up to your births. I will listen and answer questions with compassion and understanding.

On Call For Your Labor

With unlimited phone and email support, I can help you determine signs of labor and will come to your home or the hospital (whichever you prefer) at the time of your choosing. At the hospital or birthing center, I am with you throughout your entire labor and birth. I will offer physical and emotional support and will help you achieve the goals of your birth plan.

Immediate Postpartum

Once your baby is born, I will stay with you for approximately two hours to help establish breastfeeding and your recovery.

Postpartum Home Visit

About two weeks after your baby is born, I will come to your home to discuss your birth experience, address any concerns with newborn care, breastfeeding and recovery.
If you desire for doula care is to extend beyond this visit, I offer postpartum services at an hourly rate. Postpartum is a different role that birth support, read more here

Please contact me for availability and rates.